Ten Monthly Possible Outcomes Of An Equally Weighted Portfolios; Based on the analysis of a stock adjusted close using its returns, this report was generated with graph illustrations:

  1. How are the monthly returns of possible portfolios distributed?

By graphically represent line plot of all monthly returns of all possible portfolios. The distribution shows upward movement in the trends of the stock from 2016 onto 2017.  The mean, median and standard deviation were also plot on the same graph to show the spread/dispersion of the data.

  • Do you see a wide variance in the possible portfolio returns and its cumulative outcome?

There is a wide variance in the possible portfolio returns and its cumulative outcome. The variance shows similar values across the portfolios. However, the margin of the variance is not quite large. And the overall variance is as well similar in close range

3.   Given that you chose similar stocks from the same industry, what accounts for the variance of returns among different portfolios (if any)?

If similar stocks are chosen from the same industry, the performance of each company is different in large margin but similar when compared in the stock market. Since their trend shows similar character, hence their variance will somewhat giving the value gotten on this stocks in the table.

PS: Refer to the Excel file in order to grasp the grand detail of the graphs below

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